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A time of joy, growth and renewal: National Assembly conveys love at Naw Ruz 

Australia’s elected national governing body – the National Spiritual Assembly – has conveyed its love and gratitude on Naw Ruz with a special message sent to the Australian Baha’i community. 

Noting the spiritual significance of the time, the National Assembly expressed its “deep appreciation” for the “manifold efforts” that had contributed to the vibrancy and development of the Faith in Australia over the past 12 months. 

The message in its entirety can be read below. 

Dearly loved friends,  

The National Spiritual Assembly writes to you on the joyous and sacred occasion of Naw-Ruz to convey love to each and every one of you and your families.  

The beloved Master has promised that at this blessed hour “divine susceptibilities and heavenly capacities are developing” and that “the world has become a new world. The darkness of night which has enveloped humanity is passing. A new day has dawned.”  

Naw-Ruz is in every sense a spiritual springtime: a time of joy, growth, renewal and the triumph of light over darkness.  

“If we are not happy and joyous at this season, for what other season shall we wait and for what other time shall we look? This is the time for growing; the season for joyous gathering.”
– ‘Abdu’l-Baha  

As we reflect upon the past year, we wish to express our deep appreciation to the friends across this vast land for your manifold efforts in contributing to the vibrancy and development of our community over the past year; for the sacrifices you have made and for the support, spiritual and material, you have given to the National Assembly and other institutions at all levels.
The National Spiritual Assembly will continue to offer ardent supplications to the Blessed Beauty, that we may all be uplifted through His unfailing providence and immersed in the ocean of His love and bountiful favours. We look forward with hope, faith and optimism to the growth and joy that this new day and new year will bring for our community. 

With loving Baha’i greetings,  


Natalie Mobini-Kesheh  

Thanks for reading.


National Spiritual Assembly

News and announcements from Australia’s guiding body – the National Spiritual Assembly.


Published in March, 2024, in Baha'i Institutions > News & Announcements

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